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Intrigue Wines

2291 Goldie Road

Lake Country, BC V4V 1G5

Phone: 250-980-3233


Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Daily

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About Intrigue Wines

When we were deciding what to call our winery we wondered; “What is it about wine that captivates us, that keeps us coming back for more, and that still interests us after all these years?”


Some people like to know where the wine comes from. Others like to know who made it or how it will change with time. The foodies want to know what flavours they will find in their glass and how it will pair with a certain dish.


We’re all intrigued about wine. It’s constantly changing and evolving. That is part of the excitement and allure of winemaking.


We came together as partners out of a passion for wine. The strength of the partnership is in the complimentary experience that each of us brings to the table. A winemaker, an accountant, an internet entrepreneur and a business advisor.

From the Guests


"Lovely place and fun wine tasting.  The wine was very tasty with great explanations of what was poured.  The shop was super cute as well. The grounds were nice outside to sit and enjoy a glass as well.  We liked the wine so much, it's likely we will sign up for the wine club."


Intrigue Winery Tasting Room
Intrigue Wines
Intrigue Wine Bubbles and Charcuterie
Intrigue Winery Picnic Area
Intrigue Wines Harvest
Intrigue Winery Tasting Room
Intrigue Wines
Intrigue Social Bites in Lake Country
Welcome to our tasting room.
Taking care of the vines.
Charcuterie on the patio.