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Arrow Leaf Cellars Logo.jpg

Arrowleaf Cellars

1574 Camp Road

Lake Country, BC V4V 1K1

Phone: 250 766 2992


Hours:  Monday - Thursday: 11-5 | Friday - Sunday: 11-6

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About Arrowleaf Cellars

Arrowleaf Cellars is a boutique winery located in beautiful Lake Country, BC. Their winemaker, Manuel, completed his training in Switzerland and refined his craft in Australia before returning to BC with the goal of producing terroir-driven wines of exceptional quality.
Arrowleaf officially opened its doors in the spring of 2003, with 2001 reds and 2002 whites. Designed by award-winning architect Robert Mackenzie, the Tasting Room, opened in 2014, is often described as Picnic Paradise. After your tasting, enjoy the fantastic view while sharing your picnic lunch with friends or family and a glass of your favourite Arrowleaf wine. Does it get any better?


From the Guests


Lovely setting on the hill overlooking the lake.   Excellent wines and snacks to be shared at one of the picnic tables for a pleasant afternoon.


Welcome to Arrowleaf.
Wine Tasting at Arrowleaf Cellars.
Arrowleaf Cellars Tasting Room.
Arrowleaf Cellars Picnic Area
Arrowleaf Cellars Group Wine Tasting.
Inside Arrowleaf Cellars Tasting Room.
Arrowleaf Cellars Wines.
Views from Arrowleaf Cellars Picnic Area.
Harvest at Arrowleaf Cellars.
Sunsets from the Winery.
Creampuffs from the Bakery.
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