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Ex Nihilo Vineyards

1525 Camp Road

Lake Country, BC V4V 1K1

Phone: (250) 766-5522


Hours: Tasting Room: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Chaos Bistro: Click here to learn more

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About Ex Nihilo Vineyards

Our journey began with nothing but a dream and passion inspired by Fredrick Hart’s sculpture, Ex Nihilo Latin for ‘Out of Nothing.’ It is a journey of place and of purpose reflected in each bottle from every vintage. Season after season we recommit ourselves as stewards of our remarkable terroir to nurture possibility. We endure the nihil of winter and patiently wait for the generous Okanagan sun to arrive and spark life so we can begin again, all to experience and share what comes ‘Out of Nothing.’

The vision of our two founding families carries on with extraordinary wines that are a product of the passion of those who make them and the unique traits of the land. Since 2018, Mike and Janet Azhadi have carried the torch as keepers of the vision and passion, first as principal proprietors and now as sole proprietors and proud leaders of our dedicated team since 2023.

The Okanagan Valley is home to four generations of the Azhadi family. Their love of wine and desire to bring people together to share in the magic of Ex Nihilo strengthen their commitment to giving back to the community as small business owners in Lake Country, British Columbia.

From the Guests

Lizanne & Shawn McLay

 "Absolutely amazing in every way. Wine, staff, events, the list just goes on. A gem of a winery!"


Welcome to Ex Nihilo.
Dining at Ex Nihilo.
Private Events at Ex Nihilo.
Pizza and wine at CHAOS Bistro
Italian style pizza. Delish.
Weddings in the vineyard.
Wood fire pizza oven at CHAOS Bistro
Vineyard views.
Patio lights under the stars.
CHAOS Bistro
Visit Ex Nihilo.
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