Ex Nihilo Vineyards

1525 Camp Road

Lake Country, BC V4V 1K1

Phone: 250 766 5522

Email: tastingroom@exnihilovineyards.com

Hours: Check the website for hours of operation.

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The first time we walked this steep, untouched 10-acre property we saw the great potential to create a special place. It wasn’t just the landscape’s splendor that spoke to us – it was also the soil, the climate, and the southwestern facing slope that overlooked the beautiful Lake Okanagan.


That was the day that we committed to the dream of creating wines that reveal the true beauty and essence of this unique hillside we now call Ex Nihilo.


The dream has become a reality; welcome to Ex Nihilo. We invite you to experience Ex Nihilo’s Tasting Room and winery while enjoying our award winning wines.


We are thrilled to have you visit our 8000 sq. ft. winery and Tasting Room designed by Jeff Harder. In designing the modern Mediterranean style winery, Jeff focused on creating a winery that not only would reflect the meaning of Ex Nihilo and our wines, but also a destination where our guests can enjoy a truly unique Okanagan Valley wine experience.


We hope you enjoy the experience, Memor Vivo!


"Fantastic, fabulous, favourite winery. There is something simply special about Ex Nihilo."

Welcome to Ex Nihilo Vineyards.
Pizza and wine at CHAOS Bistro
Italian style pizza. Delish.
Hot wedding nights in the vineyard.
Weddings in the vineyard.
Wood fire pizza oven at CHAOS Bistro
Vineyard views.
Patio lights under the stars.
CHAOS Bistro
Visit Ex Nihilo.