History Snapshot

The beautiful Okanagan Valley was created when the last ice age occurred over 10,000 years ago. Heavy snow formed the glaciers that were several miles deep. After years of retreating and advancing, these glaciers carved an immense rift in the surrounding landscape. When the ice finally melted it filled the valley with the pristine, clear lakes.

The main body of water is Okanagan Lake. It is 135 km long, between 4-5 km wide with the deepest recorded area over 232 meters near Grant Island (approx. one km from the shores of Lake Country).

About Lake Country’s Scenic Sip Area

The Scenic Sip group of six wineries decided to join together to promote key events and to work together to help differentiate this special area from the rest of the winemaking regions. Vineyard sites exhibit a diversity of microclimates where some vineyard blocks are uniquely positioned on spectacular benches of land. This slope allows for excellent drainage which combined with the lake’s moderating effect results in a frost free protected area.

Because the vineyards sites are comprised of the glacial and fluvial deposits, the vines struggle for nutrients. The resulting fruit is rich in character and exhibits a profound sense of place.

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