Welcome to Lake Country – the “Scenic Sip”

History of the Terroir

The beautiful Okanagan Valley was created when the last Ice Age occurred over 10,000 year ago.  Heavy snow formed the glaciers that were several miles deep.  After years of retreating and advancing, the glaciers carved an immense rift in the surrounding landscape.  When the ice melted, it filled the valley with the pristine lakes that we know and love today.

The main body of water in the Okanagan is Okanagan Lake.  It stretches 135 km in length and is between 4-5 km wide.

Vineyard Sites in the area, boast diverse micro-climates. Vineyard sites are comprised of glacial and fluvial deposits, which encourage vines to struggle for nutrients.  The resulting fruit is rich in character and exhibits a profound sense of place.

Lake Country

Is a district municipality with a population of approximately 13,000 in the Okanagan Valley region of British Columbia, Canada.
As its name suggests, there are a number of lakes in the vicinity of Lake Country, and outside the municipal boundaries in the hills to the east. Okanagan Lake defines the western boundary of the municipality, while the entirety of Wood Lake and the southernmost portion of Kalamalka Lake are encompassed by it.
Lake Country was incorporated in 1995, and the communities of Winfield, Okanagan Centre, Oyama, and Carr’s Landing are united to form this municipality.

The “Scenic Sip” Wineries

The Scenic Sip group of 8 wineries decided to join together to promote key events and to work collaboratively to showcase this special area from the rest of the Okanagan region.